Other Ideas for Bug Repellant

As hard as we, resort owners, wish to provide a bug free environment for the campfire and out on your deck, we cannot. But we can offer you advice on tricks to keep those pesky mosquitoes away from you.

Crushed Lavender Buds create a fragrance that repels mosquitoes! Get some lavender oil and rub it on your skin. Not only will it repel mosquitoes, but it will also calm and soothe your skin.


Eat some Garlic! Keeps all blood suckers away…. Indulge in some delicious Garlic bread before coming down to the campfire.


Drive Cats and Mosquitoes crazy with catnip. Get some catnip oil and watch those pesky critters fly right away from you. It is said that catnip oil is 10x’s more effective than deet!


Have any of you heard that bounce dryer sheets keep mosquitoes away? Well a lot of people think it’s folklore, but we have personally tried it! Not only do you smell fresh, but those mosquitoes stay away. Get some bounce dryer sheets – rub them all over you and test out the theory. Let us know what you think.

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