Feature Friday: Cottage 8

Happy Friday Everyone. In this 8 week series, we will be featuring each one of our cottages. Offering you the inside look to each cottage and giving you more specific details about each cottage. That way you can pick your favorite and decide which would suite your needs the best.

To kick off this feature, let’s look at Cottages 8!

A little history before we get into the pictures. When the Lumleys first moved into the resort, Cottage 8 was their residence. You can read all about the history of the resort by reading back through the blogs! The Lumleys lived in that Cottage 4 months of the year – so you know that it has to be spacious enough to live it especially since no one went stir crazy.

Let’s get into the good part. The photos – please keep in mind these photos are a few years old, so some upgrades have been made. We are hoping to get all new photos this year to refresh our website.

Back of Cottage 8
You are looking at the back of the cottage as you would be coming up from the lake this is your view. The big picture window is the living room. That picnic table comes with the cottage along with the deck to the far left side with the white chairs and kettle grill.

Front of cottage 8
This is the front of the cottage as you pull in from Otter Lane. This is one of three cottages that have parking right up next to the cottage! The window on the right is the kitchen window, then on the left side of the door is looking into the dining room, and that small window in the left corner is the window to the bunk bed room.

Queen Size Bed
This is the master bedroom with a queen size bed. The room comes with an open closet and a large dresser. All the windows have screens so you can open the windows and have the cool Wisconsin breeze roll through the cottage. This room also features a ceiling fan (not pictured). Katie and Lizzie used to live in this room when they were little!

Master Bedroom
This is the middle bedroom with a full size bed. This room comes with an open closet and dresser. There is one window to the left side (you can see the curtains). This is where John & Carol resided when they used to live here.

This is the third bedroom. It has a set of sturdy bunk beds – adults can sleep in these. There is a dresser and open closet behind the door. Our resident deer frequently passes by the back windows of Cottage 8 and observes Otter Lane before crossing the road. There is a good chance in the morning when you wake up you will pull your curtains back and see her! There she is right out side the bunk bed room!!

Outside of Cottage 8
Cottage 8 has a spacious living room. Since these pictures were taken, we have upgraded the TVs to flat screens. This cottage has a DVD player and DVDs. The huge picture window looks out facing the lake. You can just see the glimmer of the water from this cottage. It’s set back a bit from the lake. There is also a dining table with 4 chairs- there is a leaf and 2 extra chairs available. Not pictured is a cabinet filled with books and board game – for those rare rainy afternoons.

Living Room
Living Room
The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you would need to cook a meal. From silverware to cutlery, pots & pans, bowls, etc. Cottage 8 has it all including all major appliances – Mr. Coffee, Toaster, Refrigerator, and Oven.


Not Pictured is the Bathroom – Note to Self: Take photos of the bathrooms this year to add to website! The bathroom has a roomy shower, shelving to put towels, a medicine chest to store toiletries plus you know… a toilet and sink.

Cottage 8 is perfect for a family of 6! There is enough room for everyone and you won’t get cottage fever – we promise.

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