Things to Do: Paulding Light

Just 35 minutes north of the resort, there is a mystery called the Paulding Light. Just off Robin’s Pond Campground, every night a mysterious light appears appears at the end of a path where the rail road tracks use to run. The legend says that a railroad switchman was signaling an engineer when he was hit by a train and killed and now he continues to do his job to this day. TV Shows like Ripley’s Believe it or not, Fact or Fiction, and Unsolved Mysteries have all been out there trying to figure out what the light could be – but no one has solved it yet.

Directions: From the Resort, take highway 45 North into Upper Michigan. When you see a brown sign on the right that says “Robin’s Pond Campground”  – Make your next left onto the dirt road and follow that until you hit other cars. Park there and walk to the guard rail.

Seen the light many times. It’s so dark up there – you can see so many stars, but the mosquitos are horrible so be sure to take bug spray.


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