Wildlife Wednesday: Fawns

Each year we are blessed with having multiple fawns come visit and actually grow up on our property. We have seen the fawns nursing. We have stumbled upon them as they waited for their Moms to come back from eating. They are a precious sight to see – Just remember to not touch them or move them, their mothers likely won’t come back if there are other scents on their babies. All the photos on this post were taken at our resort!

Here are some interesting facts about Fawns:

1. Does drop their fawns approximately 200 days after conception

2. Fawns average 6-8 lbs. at birth

3. Newborn fawns typically can stand and nurse within 30 minutes

4. Fawns are capable of walking within a few hours

5. Does generally move their fawns away from the birthing site within 3 hours

6 Does with twins typically stash them in thick cover in separate locations

7. Does usually remain within 100 yards of their fawns

8. Fawns spend 90 percent of their time bedded for the first weeks of their lives

9. Newborn fawns typically nurse 2 to 3 times daily; increasing to 6 to 8 times over time

10. Nursing times average 20 to 30 minutes

11. A 3-week-old fawn can outrun most danger

12. Twins are usually reunited and bed close to each other by 3-4 weeks of age

13. Fawns begin eating vegetation at 2-3 weeks of age

14. The average number of spots on a fawn is 300

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