Wildlife Wednesday: Common Loon

When you are Up North in the quiet of the night, you will hear a haunting and lovely call of the loon. They are beautiful black and white birds with piercing red eyes. You will see these birds swimming along on the lakes, but when you get near they dive under the water and swim quite a ways. It’s fun to try and look for where they will pop up on the surface. Here are some facts about Loons:

  • Loons are the state bird of Minnesota
  • They can dive up to 200 ft below the water to get food.
  • Their bones are dense not hollow like most birds. This is to help them dive.
  • Loons do not chew their food – they swallow it whole!
  • Loons can stay underwater for up to 5 minutes!

This is a photo of a loon that we took just off our shore!

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