Wildlife Wednesday: Robin

There are so many bird species here in Wisconsin – great bird watching here at the resort. The most common bird you will see is the Wisconsin State Bird – Robin.

We find a few robins’ nests each year around the resort. This year there was one on the stairs of our tree house. You can find the brilliant blue hatched eggs laying on the ground from time to time.

Here are some neat facts about the State Bird  (no not the mosquito LOL):

  • The saying, ‘The early bird catches the worm,’ easily describes robins, whose favorite food is the worm. It hunts by quietly listening, then hopping on the ground to find hidden earthworms. Robins also love almost any kind of fruit and often eat berries. They love insects, too.
  • A group of Robins together is called a worm.
  • The Robin is the state bird of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Connecticut.

Here is a picture of the eggs:

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