Wildlife Wednesdays: Musky

This is our last wildlife Wednesday for the season – we feature the most illusive fish of the Northwoods – the Muskellunge.

There are multiple contests each summer to see who can catch the biggest Musky. We have had multiple guests catch musky right off our piers; however, you swimmers don’t need to worry – we have never had any musky bites here only on fishing rods.

Check out this musky that our guest caught right off the Lake House Pier! He was bringing in a walleye when this musky took it!

Name: Muskellunge (aka – Muskie, Musky)
Scientific Name: Esox masquinongy
Family: Esocidae
General Description: silver with dark markings, hard muscles, flat nose, huge mouth with strong teeth, average weight-40lbs, average length: around 40 in.
Habitat: lakes and rivers, streams, deep pools in rivers with slow moving water
Spawning/Sexual Maturity: mid april to mid may, 55 degree water temp., no parental care, lay up to 225,000 eggs, lay eggs around shorelines, sexually mature between 5 and 7 years of age.
Diet: other WI fish including muskies, muskrats, ducks, shrews, mice, and frogs
Life Expectancy: up to 8-10 years
Predators: mainly humans and other muskies, large birds
Known Hotspots: Lake Michigan, Mississippi River, Lake Superior, Chippewa River, Wisconsin River
Popular Baits: plugs, spoons, bucktails, live fish baits
Fishing Tournaments:
State Record: 69lbs 11oz, Chippewa Flowage, October 20, 1949
World Record: 70lbs, Eau Claire Lake, Wisconsin, June 6, 1954
Extra Facts: takes average person 50 hours to catch a legal sized muskie, is Wisconsin’s state fish, are aggressive eaters, return to same spawning area every year.



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