Things to Do: Libraries, Games, and DVDs

Did you know that in your cottage there is a whole cabinet full of books, board games, and DVDs?!?  For those seldom rainy days, you have loads of options to choose from and it doesn’t cost you any more money. Also our guests love to take the board games to the gazebo!

We have a whole variety of books from mysteries to love stories to teenage style books to Children’s books for those bed time stories. The board games are a mix of Sorry, Checkers, Chess, Cards, Clue, Monopoly, Memory, Candy Land and more. Each Cottage has a little variety.  The DVDs range from G – R rated. All kinds of options to choose from.

What is your favorite board game to play?  Ours is Clue!

This is cottage 6 – see the book case on the right- that’s full of games and books. To the left of the TV in the glass cabinet are all the DVDs!

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