River Birch

On today’s blog post, we are going to look at a tree that we are going to plant here on property. Here is some information on the River Birch:

River birch (Betula nigra), also known as red birch, black birch or water birch, is native to the southeastern United States where the trees typically grow in thickets along rivers and lakeshores, as well as on floodplains, sandbars and islands in streams. River birch, as an ornamental tree, offers fall and winter color to parks, yards and street sides. Its leaves turn bright yellow in autumn; in the winter, its showy silver trunk adds beauty to the landscape. Its durable wood is easy to work with and is used to make a variety of items, including toys, artificial limbs and flatware. River birch also is valuable as a source of erosion control and is used to reclaim areas with high soil acid caused by mining. Wildlife, such as birds and rodents, eat its seeds, and deer eat its twigs and foliage. Ruby-throated hummingbirds drink its sap.



Our Tree                                 When it grows up

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