Fire Pits

We get the question a lot about fire pits at the resort. 

Does each cottage have an individual fire pit?

No, there is a communal fire pit down by the beach away from the cottages. The reason that we don’t have individual fire pits is for fire safety as the fire would be in close proximity to the cottages as well as our canopy of foliage. The second reason is noise – our guests usually like to stay up pretty late chatting and laughing at the camp fire – if there was a fire pit at each cottage, the noise would be very loud and we would have to make a curfew for the fires and that’s no fun! 

Our communal fire pit is a great way for all the resorters to meet each other and make lasting friends -which has happened numerous times! Many folks find that they end up having the fire pit to themselves anyways. 

Remember at our resort the fire wood is always included – that includes fire making materials like newspaper, kindling, and a lighter. All you need to bring is the guitar and s’mores stuff! 

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