Top 5 Waterfalls

Waterfalls are one of nature’s coolest things – at least they are in our opinion. We are lucky to have quite a few waterfalls in Wisconsin. For this posts top 5, we will share with you our top 5 favorite waterfalls within 2 hours of the resort and Eagle River. 

  1. Bond Falls

  2. Probably the most well known waterfall in our area – it is a 45 minute drive from Eagle River and is absolutely spectacular. Take HWY 45 north until you see the Running Bear motel then make a right at the gas station, follow that down about two miles – pass the Bond Falls Scenic Site on your left and continue down and park off the road and there is a small hike to the falls. If you prefer not to hike, then pull into the Scenic Site area – it is a short boardwalk to the falls – just a note that they do charge you to park there. This is a must see! 

2. Agate Falls

  • Right up the road from Bond Falls is the magnificent Agate Falls. There is a railroad/snowmobile bridge that goes right over the top – not for the faint of heart if you are afraid of heights. There is a small board walk easily accessible from the car – if you wish to go down to the bottom of the falls – that is a bit of a treacherous hike. I suggest sneakers with good treads and be ready to slid on your butt a little! Once at the bottom, you can wade across the river to get really up close to the falls. 

3. O Kun De Kun Falls 

  • On the drive to Lake Superior, you can stop off the road and hike to O Kun De Kun. It’s an easy walk – but is 1.3 miles one way. You can swim in the pool below and go behind the falls if you wish. Just be careful of any debris that may come from the river above.  

4. Presque Isle Waterfalls 

  • Located on the western edge of the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, the Presque Isle River is home to three beautiful waterfalls—Manabezho, Manido and Nawadaha—all easily accessible from a nearby parking area. Take the trail down a set of steps to the falls, where you can find a viewing platform. We highly recommend a day trip to Porcupine Mountains and Lake Superior.

5. Yondota Falls 

  • Located just one hour away from Eagle River in Upper Michigan – It is a series of waterfalls. It is a short hike to see them all. We have seen people fishing here as well – so you could try your luck with that.

Have you visited any of these? Do you have any other waterfall suggestions nearby Eagle River? If so, comment – we would love to hear about it. 

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