Porcupine Mountains

Just two hours north of the Resort in Upper Michigan lies the Porcupine Mountains. It makes a great day trip. The drive is scenic on the way there – through many fields with wildflowers. When you get close to the Mountains – you will be driving along the coast of Lake Superior.  Although the water of that lake is always frigid, it’s worth a stop to see the crystal clear water and stick your toe in just to say you did.

Our favorite hiking trail in the Porcupine Mountains is the Copper Mine Trail. It is an easy hike with some cool history of Copper Mining attached to it. There are plaques along the way to guide your journey. 

Another favorite is the Lake of the Clouds  – for this you will have to pay an entrance fee to get up to the over look but it is worth it.  There is a way to hike down to the lake from there. The hike was fairly easy.  

If you are looking for a more strenuous hike, we suggest the escarpment trail. It is alot of up and down and good exercise.

To find out more info on the area and get a map of where all these hiking trails are, stop in at the information center. They have cool displays on the area and a neat video. We highly recommend a stop there before you adventure anywhere. 

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