Star Lake Trail

About 15 minutes from the resort is a great hiking trail along Star Lake. Star Lake is a beautiful clear lake! 

There are two options when hiking: the short trail (1 mile) or the long trail (2.5 miles). 

Star Lake Trail Map

We opted to take the long trail- it was a very easy walk. We got to hike right by the water and passed a few small beaches. There was a cool boardwalk that took us to a black lagoon.  After the black lagoon, we walked through the historic logging and re-planting site. There was a lot of research done with the trees using a control and non controlled group. There are signs all along the walk way explaining all about it. 

From the intersection of County K & County N in Star Lake, continue west on Hwy K to Statehouse Road. Turn south on Statehouse Road. When you get to the entrance of the West Star Campground, continue straight ahead.

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