Spray Sunscreen and Bugspray

When you check into one of our cottages, you will notice a laminated piece of paper on your table begging you to please apply your spray sunscreen and bug spray on the sand and not on the grass. 

Here’s why – 

Damage from Sunscreen 
Damage from Bug Spray

I know it seems like an inconvenience – but we work really hard to make our resort and the grass beautiful. When you spray that on the grass, it kills the grass and the grass does not grow back. 

There are studies shown that spray sunscreen does not get as good of coverage as the lotion also you end up wasting a lot of the sunscreen via over spray. 

For the bug spray, it is better if you apply up at the cottage and then come down so you don’t gas the rest of the campfire goers out when you start spraying. Also bug spray is flammable – so it is NOT a good idea to be applying it by the fire. 

As with most sunscreen, there is a chemical in there that turns whites and light colors orange – so we also ask that you please don’t spray the sunscreen while on the big white dock. 

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in helping keep our resort beautiful. 

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