Tribute Brewery

Did you know that Eagle River has its own microbrewery? It is located near the airport in town. 

They service the surrounding areas with kegs and sell their beer in cans. They also have a taphouse where you can visit and sample all of their beers.

Most of their beers have names that have to do with the history of the area like:

Ghost Lights Amber – named after the Paulding Light

Old Eagle Porter – named after the old steamboat that used to run on the chain

28 Lakes Lager – named after the Largest Chain of Lakes in the world here in Eagle River 

Our favorite beer is the Blueberry Wheat Train – it has a wonderful aroma and taste. something fun we like to do is mix it half and half with Leinie’s Summer Shandy

Here is a link to their webpage: Click Here

Beer in Production

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