Meet the Owner: Lizzie

To continue our Meet the Owner Series, we introduce you to Lizzie. Lizzie is John & Carol’s daughter. The younger twin. Lizzie is now the General Manager of the Resort. She handles the website, blog posts, social media, booking, emails, cottage cleaning, and pretty much everything else at the resort. She is going to be running the resort with her husband Zack (who you will get introduced to in an upcoming blog post).

What do you love most about the resort?

The safe feeling the resort provides – it is a fun place to just relax and let go of all your life stress. To enjoy the sunshine, lake activities, and late night campfires – not to mention the fantastic star gazing.

What is your favorite movie and why?

Stardust is my favorite movie. It was super underrated and kind of unknown, but it has some of the big names in it! Claire Danes, Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer. It has everything you could ask for in a movie – fantasy, adventure, humor, romance, and a lesson. The movie is for everyone!

What is your favorite thing to do in the surrounding area?

Pontoon Boat rides are my favorite thing to do in the area. We just cruise and listen to music – sometimes stopping at the sandbar for a quick dip or stopping by Pirates Hideaway for a tropical beverage and ice cream. We rent pontoons right from the resort – super convenient.

What does being a resort owner mean to you?

It means making sure that our guests have the best experience from the moment that they drive up throughout their stay to when they are pulling out of the driveway. It means constantly improving and stepping up our game to provide a wholesome, fun, clean, and relaxed atmosphere.

How has growing up in a resort business molded your life? 

Honestly, the resort had the biggest effect on who I am as a person – being part of a resort means that you have to be social and talk to the guests as much as my introvert self wants to hide in the house. It gave me the greatest work ethic that a person could possible have – my husband says to a fault because I never stop working. It also gave me great initiative – because when you see something that needs to be done you just do it. It also made me not a super girly girl. I do a lot of the outside work and get down and dirty when work needs to get done. My whole future is planned around the resort because I absolutely LOVE it.

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