Meet the Owner: John

In our meet the owner series, John, the father of the resort is up next. If you are looking for the origin story of the resort – scroll back to our very first few blog posts to get the in depth story on how our resort came to be ours. Without John, the Lumley family wouldn’t have The Last Resort.

What do you love most about the resort?  

When I first became a resort owner I was sorely lacking in the skills and knowledge of plumbing, carpentry, electrical work and my favorite of all, septic systems.  I fell in love with the frosting on the cake but then had to learn how to bake the cake in a manner of speaking.  It has been a long and rewarding learning experience on improving and maintaining 7 Cottages and a Lake House.  If I ever had a summer off I would like to be a guest at The Last Resort.

What is your favorite movie and why?

I used to be a huge fan of real old Westerns and now that I compare them to the high tech and acting of today they are humorous.  My kids will tell  you that I have fallen into enjoying the Chick Flick Romantic films. Guess I am getting soft in my old age.  However Silverado is still a Western worth revisiting.

What is your favorite thing to do in the surrounding area?

We often just take a day to go exploring for waterfalls in the North Woods.  We have hiked a lot of  miles and swam in the ponds beneath the falls on many occasions.  Of course Raspberry Picking toward the fall is most rewarding and tasty.  I would say that the HIGH light of the year is taking up our airplane and viewing the splendid colors Mother Nature provides for us in the Fall. In addition the look of the trillions of cranberries floating in the bogs during harvesting is pretty cool too.

What does being a resort owner mean to you?

I love the fact that we have made it  our  family adventure. We all work hard to provide the best vacation place  for our guest families .  Watching generations of returning family members  is most gratifying for us. We do our best to provide a vacation place where our guests can enjoy themselves and make lasting memories.  That is a good feeling.

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