Top 10 Reasons to visit Eagle River

1.Chain of Lakes

One of the most unique features of this area is that we have the largest freshwater chain of lakes in the world – 28 interconnecting Lakes. Spend the day just cruising from lake to lake to lake. Our resort in Eagle River is located right on Otter Lake part of the lower 9 chain of lakes.

2.Wildlife Sightings

Another wonderful thing about visiting up north is that away from all the city noise and pollution – wildlife is abundant. You are guaranteed to see deer all over. Plus chances to see coyotes, wolves, bears, raccoons, porcupines, and much more! And of course our name sake – the Bald Eagle.

3.Outdoor Activities

Up North you will find so many outdoor activities to engage in – there is something for everyone on the water and off the water. Biking, Hiking, Swimming, Water Skiing, Kayaking, Canoeing, and so so much more.

4.Family Time

There have been many firsts to happen up here with kids and their parents. The first time they catch a first. The first time they stand up on water skis. So many of these happen here in the northwoods. Memories that last a lifetime. Proven by many grown ups now who came here as kids and are now bringing their kids.

5.Fresh Air/Solitude

Now more than ever is a good time to escape crowded areas. In the Northwoods there are plenty of places to find peace and solitude. At our resort in Eagle River in the morning, we like to take a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the warm morning sun and the calm lake. It really does refresh your soul.

6.Fun Day Trips

Our resort is situated in a great area of Eagle River – there are many day trips close by to Lake Superior, Porcupine Mountains, Bond Falls, O kun de kun Falls, and a great day trip we put together in another blog post – click here to check it out.

7.Small Town Charm

Up North you won’t find a lot of chain businesses – so when you come up here, you are supporting small business. With a small town like ours, comes small town charm and hospitality. We appreciate you coming here and we want you to experience the magic that we know is here.


Eagle River is certainly known for its musky tournaments, but we also have a lot of other fish in the waters up here. Walleye, Perch, Blue Gill, Bass, Crappies and more. There are many other lakes besides just the chain of lakes – so try fishing in Eagle River! and always remember a bad day of fishing beats a good day in the office!


I feel like it is a theme in this list, getting away from the city – with no city lights any where near us, the star gazing is absolutely amazing. Download one of the stargazing app using our free wifi at our resort and be amazed at all the constellation you can see.

10.Cranberry Fest

Although it may not be happening this year, Cranberry Fest is a great reason to come and visit Eagle River. We offer cottages for stays – 2 nights or more. With many craft vendors and so much cranberry food, it’s a great event to visit. Also there are tours that go out to the cranberry bogs and you can learn all about how the cranberries are grown.

There are so many reasons other than just these 10 to visit Eagle River. Be sure to check out our website to see our cottages!

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