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The Story of The Last Resort: Part 4

Part Four of how the Last Resort came to be! Scroll down to read Parts One, Two and Three!

Initially I let the customers park their cars next to their cottage for convenience sake. However that ended when a vehicle’s right front wheel went through a septic tank lid. It dawned on me that I did not know where any of the septic tanks were located.

Did I say plumbing? During my many trips to Eagle River I met a fellow named Tony Miller who was a teacher and part time carpenter. We became fast friends and enjoyed hunting and fishing together. I hired Tony and his carpenter friend, Barry Netrour, to help install new decks and other work on the cottages. Barry knew of a plumber that was available to help so I contacted Walter Zyhowski, Plumber Extraordinaire. Barry told me to be sure to dig out at the cottage before Walter came. I did not understand what “dig out” meant until Walter arrived. It was evident that he loved his Beer, cheese, pancakes, pizza, etc., and the “dig out” meant to dig a tunnel under the cottage so he could fit. Walter was a real gentleman and a good plumber and I dutifully dug the trench prior to his future arrivals.

The cottages all had the old black fiberboard strips tacked up along the bottom edge of the outer walls to keep the cold out in the winter. It also made a lovely dark homesite for skunks. They frequently sprayed under a cottage and were a nuisance at the bonfire pit at the beach, so it was time for them to move on. Luckily, I never got sprayed, and once they realized they were unwelcome, I didn’t have a problem!

To be continued………………

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