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How to get out on the Chain Of Lakes

Of course this posts totally hinges upon if you stay with us!

We have so many fun ways to enjoy the lake and the lake front right at our resort property in Eagle River, WI. Our property is located on Otter Lake part of the largest freshwater chain of lakes in the world! We also have a western exposure meaning that our beach area gets sun all day and we get some of the most spectacular sunsets in Eagle River. Our resort has a great big grassy area by the beach that has a nice big maple tree for those who would rather enjoy the shade.

Otter Lake is just one of the 28 lakes on our chain. It's the focal point of our area so you definitely need to get out in the water one way or another. Here are some ways to do that - most of them are free and included in your rental!

Here are some ways to get on the Eagle River Chain of Lakes at Eagle River's Last Resort.

1. Go for a Swim

- We have a sandy bottom and a gradual drop off that make swimming ideal. We also have a raft in about 6' of water that is perfect to lay on and relax. We also highly suggest bringing a floaty to just enjoy the water

2. Take the Paddleboat out

- We have two paddleboats for your use! Although most people stay pretty close to the resort, we have had people take them all the way across the lake. Just be sure to have the life jackets with you!

3. Take the Canoe for a spin

- Our Aluminum canoe is the perfect way to see wildlife up close on the lake shores. You can be totally steathy coming through. Canoeing gently takes minimal effort and you'd be surprised how far you can get with your own rowing power.

4. Row, Row, Row your boat with our 14' aluminum boats

- Time for a fantastic work out. Head to our Oar Shed and grab those oars. Put them in their spots and get to rowing. Kind of romantic like that scene from The Notebook! Most folks use this method to get to other fishing spots on our lake.

5. Rent a 7.5 HP Motor for our 14' aluminum boats

- Reserve a motor for a full day or week. This is best for folks looking to do some fishing or just wanting to explore a little bit. You can get to many of the area lakes using our motors.

6. Rent one of our two pontoon boats

- We have two boats available for rent by the 1/2 day, full day, or week. This is the perfect and most comfortable way to see the lower chain! To be honest, it is my favorite thing to do. I could pontoon every day. Check out the rentals here: Click Here

7. Take a peaceful ride on one of our kayaks

- We have 4 single kayaks and 1 tandem kayak for you to choose from. Many folks like to get up really early just as the sun is rising to take a paddle on the super calm lake and see the steam rising up and observe all the animal life just waking up.

Onsite we have all the oars/paddles as well as life jackets for your use. We try to make is super easy so that you can enjoy your vacation here at our Eagle River, WI Resort.

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