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Top 5 Things to do in Eagle River, WI

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

This post just highlights the things to do in Eagle River, WI. There are tons of other great things to do in the surrounding area, and we will definitely chat about that in another blog post.

1. Boat Ride on Eagle River Chain of Lakes

You are near the largest fresh water chain of lakes in the WORLD! Of course, you need to get out on the water. There are a few ways to do that. Stay at a resort like Eagle River's Last Resort - we have free kayaks, paddle boats, a canoe, and 14' aluminum boats for you to get out on the water. You can also rent a pontoon boat or a motor for the 14' boat! Another great way is to take a ride with Pirates Hideaway. A Pirate Ship that sails a few of the chain of lakes. They have a great lakeside tiki bar and entertainment for all ages.

2. Eagle River Twisted History Tours

Discover the untold tales of debauchery, murder, and mayhem from the early days of Eagle River. This one hour walking tour delves into the darker, more sinister side of our local history, including stories of the first settlers, Chicago Gangsters, and Native Americans. Tours are offered Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30 PM. Reservations are required. Click Here for the website.

3. Scenic Air Tours

Get a bird's eye view of the Eagle River area. You can take a 30 or 60 minute airplane ride - the pilot has wonderful narration and if you take the 60 minute tour, it includes a little flight lesson where the person up front gets to try their hand at flying the airplane! You will never believe how many lakes are in the area until you are up in the sky. Click Here to Learn more.

4. Tubing the Wisconsin River

This is a super fun activity for a hot day. The Wisconsin River can be quite chilly so you want a warmer day. You can rent tubes from Wildwood Outdoor Adventure or Hawk's Nest. They have transportation to take you to the starting point and then pick you up at the end. It is a super relaxing and fun experience. They have floating coolers as well! A few items you definitely want are: floating waterproof speaker, sunscreen (YES!), a hat for sun protection, water shoes (for getting in and out), and drinks.

5. Shopping in Downtown Eagle River

Supporting small business is a great thing to do when you are visiting the community. Eagle River is filled with small family businesses that have been in operation for years. There are many great shops, old and new in downtown Eagle River. We have 2 fantastic fudge and sweet shops. We have some really great clothing options with Northwoods themes. We have a few places to get some delicious food and drink like Blend, Buckshots Downtown, & Aiello's Deli. It's a great way to spend an afternoon and a good rainy day activity.

Photo credit: Eagle River Chamber of Commerce

Things to Do in Eagle River, WI | Activities in Eagle River, WI | Rainy Day Activities in Eagle River WI

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